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make-up for bridesmaids

  • Make sure that your choice of make-up shades is a little different from the bride, it is her special day and she should be unique.
  • Your make-up shades should not clash with your dress colour. For example: if your dress is maroon, opt for cooler pinkie browns or neutral browns, rather than orangey browns or peach.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Adapt your make-up look for the time of day – lighter for day weddings and darker and more glam for late afternoon or evening weddings.
  • Have a small bag of touch up products on hand thought the event.
  • Your make-up does not need to match the other bridesmaids, as long as a general theme is achieved - for example glamorous look or a more natural day look.
make-up for bridesmaids by Debbie Jean
make-up for bridesmaids by Debbie Jean
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