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Bridal make-up, Garden Route, South Africa

If you have decided to have your wedding in South Africa on the Garden Route, you will easily find beautiful venues and wedding photographers etc.

Garden Route locations have such an amazing natural feel you won't be disappointed.

Wedding photos last a life time and you should therefore choose your make-up and hair artist carefully. Making sure that your make-up is applied beautifully and that your hair works out just the way you planned. These are import factors to consider for your special day.

Debbie offers make-up services to brides getting married on the Garden Route

make-up for the bride

Bridal make-up is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Every bride wants to look her best for her husband to be, the guests, photographs and the DVD.

Careful planning is essential when it comes to bridal make-up, consider the following points:
Bridal makeup by Debbie Jean Bridal makeup by Debbie Jean Bridal makeup by Debbie Jean
What time of day is your wedding?
  • Morning and midday wedding make-up application tends to be more natural.
  • Afternoon and evening wedding make-up can be more glamorous
What is your wedding theme?
  • For example - a 50s theme would have greater impact with matching make-up  (red lips, defined arched brows and liquid liner).  However, if the themed make-up look does not suit your face opt for a make-up look that enhances and compliments your face. (Although a themed make-up look is great for a themed wedding, it won't spoil your entire theme if you decide against the matching make-up look.)
Do you know exactly which make-up colours enhance your individual features and colouring and where those products should be applied to create the best possible illusion for your look and features?
  • If you are using a make-up artist, have a trial before the wedding day to determine what make-up suits you.
  • If you are applying your own make-up practice before the big day.
    The advantage of doing your own make-up is that once you have learnt the techniques and have the correct tools, you will have what it takes to look your best when ever you choose, without the help of a make-up artist.
  • Do not experiment with make-up on your actual wedding day.
You don’t have to match your make-up to the colour scheme of your wedding.
  • If the colour scheme of your wedding is golds and creams and these shades of make-up do not suit you, rather choose shades that do suit your face.
Many brides like to wear a natural make-up look on their wedding day. 
  • However don’t leave out any stages of the application. In order to achieve a groomed and almost airbrushed affect to your make-up look, you do need to apply each stage of the application to achieve this - one product relies on another to achieve a blended, long lasting look.

Use waterproof mascara.

Avoid being too creative on the day

  • Friends, family and most importantly your husband to be will want to recognise you.

Ensure your make-up application lasts

  • Apply your foundation, concealer and powder using professional high quality products. This will ensure a blended and longer lasting application.
  • Applying your make-up using make-up brushes also creates a blended and longer lasting application.
  • You will need to powder and apply lipstick/lip gloss frequently during the day.
What to carry?
  • Tissues rolled up behind your bouquet will be helpful in protecting your make-up. Should you become tearful you will have tissues on hand to catch your tears.
  • Breath mints, tissues, small hand mirror and a few extra hair grips and clips
  • Make sure your bridesmaids carry a small hand bag of your beauty touch ups: perfume, hand cream, lipstick/gloss/lip liner, concealer and powder.

Touch up your make-up

  • Lips, powder and eyeliner can be reapplied after the ceremony. You may need to touch up with concealer under your eyes.
Order of the day - Approximately 5 hours prior to the wedding

  • Have your hair done (approximately 1 hour) and then your make-up (approximately 1 hour)
  • Important tip: Eat a meal 3 or 4 hours before the wedding and a small snack one hour before. Opt for foods that are easy to chew, because you won’t feel like eating. I have seen many faint brides. Eating is a good decision to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Bridal makeup by Debbie Jean
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