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make-up for mature bride/ mother of the bride

The tips included in the bridal make-up section will also be helpful to you.

  • The more foundation you wear on your skin, the older it will look. Make-up cakes into fine lines on the skin.  Liquid foundations work best.
  • Opt to wear a loose powder over your foundation.  Loose powder reduces the shine on the skin.  Shine attracts light to the lines on your face and this illuminates them.  A matte face is a fresher younger looking face.
  • Use waterproof mascara
  • If your face no longer holds much colour, use a peachy or pinkie blusher on the apple of your cheeks to lift life and colour into your face.  You can also use a brighter lipstick shade.
  • If you have small lips, go brighter or lighter rather than darker. Darker will make your lips look smaller and your face look hard.
make-up for mature bride/ mother of the bride make-up for mature bride/ mother of the bride
  • Never mix warm shades and cool shades on the face. For example you should not mix a pinkie lipstick shade with a peachy eye shadow shade. Opposites don’t harmonise on the face.
  • Create the best frame for your eyes by making sure your eyebrows are shaped and filled in with an eyebrow pencil or a matte eye shadow.
  • Using matte eye shadows through the crease of the eyes, creates a better illusion on maturing eyes.  Shimmery eye shadow draws attention to fine lines on the eyes. If there is any puffiness – it will also be exaggerated by using shimmer through the crease of the eyes.
  • On younger eyes fashionable colours and trendy applications look interesting/fun and draw attention to the make-up, creating a strong statement. However, on ageing eyes, very colourful shadows or high shine shadows look out of place and make the eyes look older.
  • Don’t hide behind your make-up. Wedding guests should see you before they see your make-up. Pasty, heavy make-up went out when Dallas and Dynasty were still hot TV shows. We all have flaws, you may just think yours are worse than other peoples, because you are critical of yourself. Forget about how you used to look, make the most of the way you look now. Opt for a fresh, healthy make-up look, rather than an over applied pasty look.
make-up for mature bride/ mother of the bride
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